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Claim Buster is a guide to obtaining more for your total loss settlement after a car accident. Know your rights and get the money you deserve. Recover loss of

Claim Buster -Click Image To Visit SiteI was initially offered $1808 for my totaled 1990 Honda Accord. I purchased your ebook and sent the “Total Loss Demand” letter from your ebook which I slightly altered to fit my case. Today I received a new offer of $2654 for my car. An $846 increase… And it gets better!

I was also able to get them to offer me an additional $450 for Loss of Use. So, my initial $1808 offer, now stands at $3104. That’s a $1296 total increase from my original total loss offer.

I called the radio show of a local consumer advocate, and he said $3,286 was a very good offer that I should accept. He was not affiliated with any insurance company; he fights them all the time. He referred me to an appraiser he used who could provide an even more credible number. That man said the car was only worth $2,100. Even those so called “experts” seemed to side with the insurance company and told me to basically give up.

The conversations I had with the insurance adjuster went on and on. It is obviously a big game to them. When I asked the very questions mentioned in The Claimbuster eBook, he sounded like he was not at all accustomed to hearing these questions and he had either no answer or very weak responses. It was the first time I had a claims adjuster on their heels, who could not ever come up with a credible defense to their ridiculous offers.

When everything I learned from Claimbuster was on the table, the 3rd & final settlement offer was$4,790! Plus sales tax and title certificate cost. That’s $1,522 MORE than my original settlement offer. Claimbuster was obviously a great investment as its guidance was a big… Read more…